6 Benefits Of Weeds For Your Organic Garden

We know weeds can be a bit of a pain, but many gardeners don’t know there are a lot more benefits to weeds than downsides and they’re easily controlled in the garden with mulch. Weeds are helpful plants for your organic garden because each beneficial weed thrives in a specific imbalanced soil condition and works to bring the soil back into balance.

So if you’ve heard that healthy soil grows weeds just as well as the plants you’re trying to grow, it’s a myth.

If the weeds are doing better than your lawn or garden plants, it’s because the soil isn’t optimally healthy and the weeds have set up shop to fix that.

6 Benefits Of Weeds For Your Organic Garden

  1. Some lawn and garden weeds bring nutrients and water up from deep in the soil and down from the air, and subsequently make them available to microbes and plants.
  2. Some weeds break up hardpans and compaction, and control erosion.
  3. Another benefit of weeds is that they increase the organic matter content of the soil as they continually grow and die. That’s one reason to let them cycle through the lawn.
  4. Garden weeds also act as our own diagnostic tool by telling us a tremendous amount about the nutritional balance of our soil through their presence and growth habit.
  5. They also fix nutritional imbalances, vastly improving soils, perhaps in as little as a couple of years, but often decades or centuries.
  6. Weeds provide homes and food for microbes and animals.

That’s just a few things weeds do in the lawn and garden. However, if you simply can’t live with them in the lawn, which is understandable, it is possible to control most of them and still have a happy garden.
That involves creating a healthy, balanced soil with strong turf plants so that the weeds can’t thrive.