A Wet and Humid June Can Bring Red Thread Fungus To Lawns


Red thread is a fungal infection that turns grass blades to a red-brown thread like colour.



The disease begins first in patches in areas of high moisture but then can easily spread and end up covering a large area. From a distance the just look like brown spots or dry patches but up close they often look red.

The cause of the fungus is too much water and high humidity. Lawns with compact soil and poor drainage are at greater risk. Lawns that are mowed too short are also at greater risk. The goods new is that red thread will likely go away on its own though it could take until the cooler weather of the autumn arrives. Fertilizer (in particular nitrogen) will help feed the lawn and return the green. There are anti-fungal treatments on the market if for lawns with severe problems. To help prevent red thread in the future, aerating will loosen dense compacted soil and feeding the lawn will help with re-growth.