Autumn Offers

There are lots of products to help you get set up and for the keen composters out there it’s time to use your precious compost as a mulch around the garden.

The HotBinComposter is the new kid on the block offering the latest in hot composting technology. It produces compost up to 32 times more rapidly than a conventional garden heap and can compost all manner of garden and kitchen waste including meat and fish. It aerobically composts at a constant temperature of 40-60oC and has a hinged lid and removable hatch door for accessing your precious compost – what more could you want?

Slot together compost bin – our FSC wooden bins have all the features required from an efficient, continuous composter, aluminium post fixings, closed sides and slide out panels for easy access and removal of compost. To increase capacity additional linking bins can be added to a starter bin for different stages of composting. Whilst the CompostStirrer/Aerator will help you get air into your compost bin with ease and the handy RotarySoil Sieve will provide you with fine compost to use as a potting medium or as a garden mulch.

The fully rotating Black175L Tumbling Composter is ideal for gardeners wanting to avoid those back-breaking manual turning sessions. This composter is designed to optimise the composting process with built in churning paddles and adjustable air vents whilst the sliding door reveals two chambers for efficient batch composting. 

Autumn tidy up time!  So now you’ve got your composter sorted why not think about giving your garden an autumn tidy up?  These products will help you blitz those garden chores and get you thinking about the results that will reward you in the Spring.  Tackling those leaves? Get them off the ground with the NEW SneeboerLeaf Rakes and HeavyDuty Hands and into our WireLeaf Composter and you’ll get buckets of invaluable leaf mould to use around the garden. Don’t forget BiodegradableLeaf Sack Bags and FlexiTubs which also come in handy for a multitude of uses.  For those of you looking for something a bit more robust our CountyCompact-Clipper Wheelbarrow and EcoCarryCart are worthwhile investments for years to come.  If your lawn or paths are still muddy after all this rain the PlasticGarden Track is a boon and will not ruin your precious grass whilst clearing up.