Better Now !!!



You may remember that on September 10th  we were recovering from a complete catastrophe where the website vanished into the ether of the internet!



But now – it’s back and as a result of this we think it is better!

All the information pages are back, but they have been reviewed, renewed and if necessary replaced! So if you are looking for an article, post or page and you can’t find it – it is there.

What we have done is to try to make finding things much easier, so – – for example, if you wanted to find out how to grow artichokes, instead of having to use a drop down box (which can be a bit of a pain) all the “How to Grow  Vegetables “ are on tabs on the same page.

Some of the posts have not been replaced as they were outdated – but apart from that the information has all been replaced.

We really hope that you find the site much more “user friendly” now.

Please accept our thanks for being patient in the interim.

Finally – Many of you have asked us if we could include photos of your gardens, plants, containers and so on (funny, awe inspiring, beautiful) and as we would love you to share them with us we have added a link so that you can!

Happy gardening!

P.S We now have a NEW  Facebook page!!