My Tomatoes

  My tomatoes are hardened off and ready to be planted in their final position in the garden. There are few other vegetables as satisfying to grow as Tomatoes. Now all I need to do is make sure they don’t get blight, like last year – easier said than done!

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My Nectarine

The nectarine tree is in the prunus family — the same as an apricot, plum, or almond tree and even the lovely rose! It is a decorative tree that blooms with light, medium or dark pink flowers in the springtime.

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It started like this – – – I was searching (strangely enough) for a cat brush! What on earth has this to do with lettuce I hear you ask! Well – I didn’t find the cat brush but I did find some packets of seed dated 2007! Among the seeds were packets of lettuce, chives and various annual flowers. What […]

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