Choosing A Good Organic Gardening Book

Organic Gardening Books

Using a good organic gardening book is a good idea.


Even if you have been gardening organically for some time, a book always gives you some information that you did not have. Besides, having a book with you also allows you to refer to it whenever you are in doubt.

  • A good book on organic gardening will start with the basics, and explain what organic gardening actually means.
  • It should then go on to tell you, how to go about choosing the type of garden you can have depending on the space available.
  • The book should also have chapters on choosing plant materials and seeds, the tools and other accessories you will need to go about getting organized as an environmentally friendly gardener.
  • One of the important aspects of an organic gardening book is that it will instruct you in detail, on the method to be followed in the making of fertilizers needed for your organic growing. It should give you step by step directions on how to make and use compost, using material available in your own garden.
  • It will also advise on how you can make fertilizers yourself by growing certain plants particularly comfrey which is a well known and popular. This is a plant grown for the prime purpose of making organic fertilizer. The book should explain how comfrey is cut and treated in specially designed containers and also show liquid fertilizer is made from it. It will also provide details about the dilution of the fertilizer, its usage and all other technical aspects, which will be very useful to a person starting on organic gardening.

Books provide information, and help you start off on organic gardening, but the ultimate success or failure in gardening lies solely in your hands. If you enjoy what you are doing, you will take more interest and care of the plants you grow and become a successful gardener.