Gardening – What Next?

This Week

The autumn is now definitely here, and where we are it feels colder. It’s a beautiful time of year, with the trees changing colour. This is the traditional planting season for evergreens of all kinds, just a little ahead of the main season for planting deciduous trees. Plant now either from pots or as soon as root-balled plants are available, and, of course, pot-grown deciduous trees and shrubs can be planted too.


Sometimes it may seem pointless raking, when the wind blows even more leaves onto the lawn, but just think of all the lovely leafmould you can make!

Other Things To Do

  • Young trees should be checked for staking if they need it.
  • Prune rambler roses.
  • Control weeds in rose beds and shrub borders, if necessary.
  • Dahlias – To lift, or not or not to lift? If you have free-draining soil and live in the southern UK, you may risk leaving your Dahlias protected by a good layer of cardboard, bark chips or compost. If not, wait until the first frosts crumple the foliage, then cut off the leaves, fork up the tubers, shorten stems to 15cm and rinse off the soil. Hang upside down to dry, then box up covered with dry compost in a frost-free place until spring.