Growing Climbing Roses

Climbing Roses

If your garden does not include some climbing roses, then you are missing out. Depending on how they grow, these roses are often referred to as trailing roses, pillars and ramblers.

Even though these roses don’t have any kind of support structure of their own, they are still perfect for archways, fences, or any other type of garden structure to which you want to add a little colour and character.


Because climbing roses are unable to grip on to structures in the same way vines do, you need to provide them with some support. This can be done by either securing them or by twining them through the structure they are growing on. With a little bit of help, they can grow on a number of structures such as, fences, sheds, pillars, or trellis.


Climbing roses which are grown laterally will produce more blooms than those which are grown vertically. For best results, you should try to ensure that your climbing roses receive at least six or seven hours of direct sunlight each day. Even those which are known to do well in part shade should also get at least four or five hours of sunlight each day.

Climbing roses require very little pruning. There is no need to for you to prune the plant in the first two years that you have it. Unlike bush roses, if you prune climbing roses every year they will simply produce less blooms. Only prune them every three or four years and you should only remove the small canes and those which seem to be lagging behind at the base. All the healthy, vigorous canes should be encouraged to grow as long as possible.


You will need to take into account the height or length to which they’ll grow, bearing in mind that some species can grow to approximately 30 feet in length or height, while others may only grow to about seven feet.

You also need to be sure that the structure you intend growing them on is capable of supporting them.

These roses usually take a while to get started and to become established so you will need to have some patience. Once they get started, their wonderful fragrance and their sheer beauty will make it all worth while.