How To Divide Liriope


Liriope tolerates almost all types of growing conditions, from less than desirable levels of soil fertility to varying levels of sun, shade, and partial shade.

As long as the plant has adequate moisture, it will survive.


Liriope plants make great border plants, they also work well as stand alone plants scattered throughout your landscaped areas or clustered into groupings, provided they have enough room to grow and spread. Liriope will produce small attractive purplish blue flowers in the summer months, thus adding a desirable colour contrast to the rich deep green of the foliage. A healthy clump of liriope will “fatten up” in just a couple of growing seasons.

Liriope is a hardy perennial that maintains its deep green colouration throughout most of the year. It does well in temperate climates (generally zones 6-10). If you have colder winter temperatures, the green leaves may brown out somewhat as a result of harsh freezing conditions. if this does happen, in the early spring, just shear off the brown top growth of your liriope and as the weather starts to warm, you’ll notice new foliage emerging from the base of the plants.