How To Divide & Propagate Hostas


Perfect around trees, borders, walkways and in gardens, this beautiful plant is marvellous when planted in masses using one variety or several varieties at a time.
A Hosta is a hardy and most forgiving perennial plant with little to no maintenance needed.


Grown mainly for their wonderful foliage this remarkable plant fills in those shady spots in your landscape with amazing ease, although there are some Hosta cultivars that do well with some sun, as a rule of thumb, look for Hostas with golden leaves.

In this video Richard Merritt of New Hampshire Hostas shows you step-by-step how to propagate your hostas. Richard talks about the best time of year to transplant hostas, the tools to use and the soil and type of compost he uses at New Hampshire Hostas.


Simple Steps For Dividing Hostas

  1. Divide plant if it has more than one grouping (also called eyes) of foliage.
  2. Break up earth around the plant with a shovel to a distance of 8-10 inches.
  3. Dig under the plant with your spade or garden fork and lift the plant out.
  4. Cut through crown using a sharp knife leaving 3 or more shoots per division.
  5. Replace one of the divisions back into first site.
  6. Add compost to the brand new planting area by adding some compost.
  7. Make the hole slightly larger than the division.
  8. Place the division in the new hole, being careful not to damage the roots.
  9. Plant the divisions at the same depth as they were growing.
  10. Return soil and firm up around the divisions.
  11. Water well and mulch to conserve moisture.

hosta flowers