How To Grow Amaryllis Belladonna


Amaryllis Belladonna is a beautiful South African flower.

These plants are very easy to grow, and are suitable for most areas except for the hot tropics.

In areas where temperatures fall below -5º C the leaves may be damaged in winter, but the plants will recover.

Grow them in a frost-free spot in cold climates.


Amaryllis belladonna are closely related to clivias and hippeastrums. These large, pear-shaped bulbs flower in autumn. The flowering stems, which may be up to 1m tall, appear before the leaves. At the top of each stem is a cluster of six or more pale pink, lily-like flowers. The flowers are followed by strap-shaped leaves, up to 40cm long and 4cm wide. Hybrids are also available in white and various shades of pink.




  • Amaryllis like hot, dry conditions, so a sunny position is best.
  • Plant them in summer when they are dormant, with the neck of the bulb just protruding above soil level.
  • They can be propagated in summer by separating small bulbs from the side of the parent bulbs. However, it may be several years before the clumps reach flowering size.