How To Grow Your Own Rosemary


Rosemary has been used for centuries in the best cuisine and also contains excellent medicinal properties. The leaves resemble pine needles and the flowers are white, pink, or blue, which make it not only an important addition to the herb garden so that you can use it in cooking, but a beautiful way to add more colour there. Because it is a member of the mint family of plants, you will also be delighted with its wonderful fragrance.


There are several different varieties of Rosemary but for culinary purposes ‘Tuscan blue’ is probably one of the better choices. It is an evergreen perennial that is native to the Mediterranean and it can grown in a variety of ways. You may want it to be bushy and compact or tall and thick for use as a hedge, or even hang down and cascade over the rocks like a vine. But whichever variety you decide to grow, this herb requires full sun. In warmer climates it will tolerate some light shade.
Rosemary is one of the easiest herbs to grow and this video shows you how to care for Rosemary.


This video shows you the proper technique for trimming Rosemary plants.


Many herb gardeners like to grow it in pots in the garden so that it is easy to bring indoors when it is cold, rather than having to take it out of the garden for the winter. Remember not to let the soil in the pot get too dry. Although this herb can handle some drought, letting it get too dry can easily happen, since plants in pots lose moisture more quickly than those in garden soil.