How to Propagate Forsythia from Cuttings

Forsythia is a lovely flowering shrub and is very popular when in full bloom when it looks like a gold sea of colour. It is very easy to root, so give it a go!
Forsythia is fast growing, tough and easy to grow. This video shows you how you can get your own Forsythia plants from softwood cuttings in the spring.



Hardwood Cuttings


Points To Note
Forsythia grow rapidly and reach maturity in less than ten years, so if they are planted in the wrong place they can rapidly outgrow the space. Pruning them will keep them in check but being vigorous by nature, the reaction of this shrub is simply to grow even more enthusiastically!
So you must give them plenty of space, and plant them where their vigour won’t be a problem.

Because they mature quickly, getting the pruning right is vital – fortunately it’s really straightforward.

  • Prune straight after flowering. It’s important to prune then as Forsythia flower on shoots grown the year before flowering, so if you prune too late you’ll be removing the flowers for next year.
  • After five or six years remove about 20% – 30% of the oldest stems completely, right down hard to the ground. This will stop the plant from becoming congested and improve air circulation, reducing the risk of disease.

A decent feed with garden compost or well-rotted manure, and a good drink of water if the conditions are dry, and that’s about it.

Once the flowers are over the plant steps out of the limelight until the following spring when those golden yellow flowers appear once more.