Jobs for June

Summer is in full swing and most plants are in the ground now. You should be harvesting salad crops, peas and potatoes by now with some strawberries and other soft fruit for pudding.


Flower Garden

  • Deadhead flowers not wanted for seed
  • Lift and store tulip and hyacinth bulbs
  • Start cyclamen plants into growth
  • Continue feeding plants
  • Thin or prick out seedling of annuals, biennials and perennials sown last month
  • Sow winter flowering pansies
  • Plant late flowering bulbs

Veggie Garden

  • Gather the last of the peas and clear the ground
  • Sow late Carrots
  • Turn your attention to autumn crops and sow things like Raddichio, Pak Choi, Mizuna and Endive
  • Keep cutting Sweet Peas to encourage more flowers
  • Harvest Shallots, Onions and Garlic as their leaves go brown
  • Cut off any Potato leaves affected by blight and burn
  • Feed Tomatoes every other week with high potash liquid feed
  • Cut off Strawberry runners as they appear (unless you want to make new plants)
  • Plant a second bed of Sweetcorn in between your onions – once the onions are gone the Sweetcorn will have enough room to grow
  • Buy some ‘ready-grown’ lettuce plants to fill gaps where needed

In the greenhouse

  •  Tie greenhouse tomatoes to their supports as they grow
  • Feed plants with full-strength fertiliser solution once a week, or apply a more diluted feed every few days
  • Apply shading paint or put up shade netting or blinds
  • Open doors and vents daily, and damp down the floor every morning
  • Be on the lookout for pests, including whitefly and red spider mite, and treat at once with a suitable spray or biological control
  • Pot up rooted cuttings
  • Pinch out the tips of cucumber side-shoots two leaves beyond a female flower
  • Check potted plants every day, watering if required
  • Pinch out side-shoots of tomato plants

General advice

  •  Add lawn cuttings to the compost heap, or use them to mulch around fruit trees
  • Mow and edge your lawn
  • Tie stems of tall perennials to supports
  • Feed houseplants every week with a liquid fertiliser
  • Clean out filters of pond pumps to get rid of any debris
  • Run a ‘seeping hose’ (a hose with holes in) through dry shaded borders or along the base of hedges so they can be watered weekly in dry weather
  • Treat lawn weeds and moss if necessary