It started like this – – – I was searching (strangely enough) for a cat brush!

What on earth has this to do with lettuce I hear you ask!

Well – I didn’t find the cat brush but I did find some packets of seed dated 2007!

Among the seeds were packets of lettuce, chives and various annual flowers. What the heck I thought might as well plant them and see what happens. So one week ago I planted the lot in various pots in the green house. Four days later there are green leaves poking out of the soil.


Lettuce is obviously super easy to grow. My goodness, I could be picking lettuce in 4 – 6 weeks. Honestly. The packet contained a variety of different shapes, sizes, tastes, and colours of the leaves.

There isn’t room in the garden to grow the lettuce as it is full of perennial flowers and shrubs ( there is some space for any of the annuals that might come up as I went crazy when pruning back a privet and found that I gained a large open space around it.

Once the seedlings get to the four or five leaf stage I will transplant them into bigger pots and hopefully grow them in containers. This is where it starts to get exciting, because if I’ve done it right then I should have lots of different shapes and colours to choose from.

I’ll have to be on my toes though. This is not a sow once and forget it project. No! – I will need to keep up the supply of seedlings – which means keeping up with the sowing ( fortunately I only planted a few of the seeds so I should have plenty for later). It is recommended that you eat the leaves when they are small – no problem there!

I’ll let you know what happens to the rest of the seeds later!

What varieties of Lettuce do you grow? Can you suggest any unusual ones that taste amazing?