My Tomatoes


My tomatoes are hardened off and ready to be planted in their final position in the garden.

There are few other vegetables as satisfying to grow as Tomatoes. Now all I need to do is make sure they don’t get blight, like last year – easier said than done!


Here’s my plan of attack (apart from the usual of removing the lower leaves on the plant)

  • Plant my seedlings nowhere near where
    I planted them last year (blight can linger in the soil).
  • Plant disease-resistant varieties.
  • I’ll be taking special care not to water on to the leaves.
  • I’ll try to control weeds in and around the plants. Weeds serve as hosts for insects and disease.
  • Control insect pests (especially aphids) which may transmit disease from plant to plant.
  • As soon as I see any sign of blight, that will be the death knell for that plant (harsh but necessary).
  • I’m planting them in the sunniest spot in the garden.
  • I might try to rig up some kind of removable rain cover (I might).
  • I’ll be asking the rain gods for some nice weather this summer – well you can but ask.

If anyone has any more tips for keeping outdoor Tomatoes blight-free, let’s hear it. I need all the help I can get.