Special Offers From Harrod Horticultural

Winter Protection

With the cooler, wet and windy weather now upon us it’s time to get plants ready for the poorer climes.


To help you get prepared Harrod Horticultural has a NEW range featuring even more superior products to provide some much needed protection for the season ahead.

Winter Protection – don’t forget Jack Frost is just around the corner, beat him to it and get prepared to protect tender plants with InsulatingFleece; try FleecePlant Jackets and InsulatedPot Jackets too which are easy to use and give plants that instant protection. We have a MammothPlant Jacket for those large shrubs and trees to keep them well protected throughout the winter months.

Why not get prepared for keeping paths and drives free of ice with a tub of IceFree Ice& Snow Melt. Up to 5 times more efficient than conventional rock dust, the flakes prevent slipping and will even continue to work if refreezing occurs.

After last year we’re not going to get caught out again! So we highly recommend these robust steel SneeboerSnow Shovels to have on standby – you know how unpredictable the British weather can be!

As well as the super savings to be had on our perennially bestselling 30g Insulating Fleece packs we have some innovative additions to our cosy crop protection range…

The Bubble Insulated Pot Jackets are an attractive solution for protecting the root systems of potted plants from low temperatures and cold drying winds. Prices from just £14.95, click here now >

For larger plants you can’t go wrong with our Mammoth Plant Jacket ! Made from superior strength 100gsm fleece, its expansive size and excellent structure keeps plants cosy during the colder months whilst still receiving all the fluid and air they need to survive and flourish! Click here now >

It’s only been available for a few weeks but our Overwintering Tents are proving to be a real hit; especially with the gardening press! Ideal for those without the space to accomodate a greenhouse in the garden all year round. This quick fix solution is made from a special UV resistant PVC foil which boasts fantastic insulation and light transmissive properties too. We’ve already set ours up in the Kitchen Garden and combined with an electric heater to ensure overwintering success! Click here now >