Bearded Iris – Iris germanica

Gardening Tips
Bearded Iris

Iris Germanica, are summer flowering perennial varieties. They are tall, bearded Iris with delicate ruffled flowers and sturdy grey-green leaves. They will brighten up your summer display and add a bit of elegance and intrigue. This video tutorial will make growing these fascinating flowers easier than you thought with great tips and advice to get the most out of your plants.


More tips for growing and caring for German or Bearded Iris plants that provide colour in the garden and make great cut flowers.



They need to be pruned and divided every couple of years because if you let them grow into very large crowded clumps, they won’t bloom as well.

Since they bloom in the spring, they need to be pruned in early autumn. That gives them a chance to adjust and grow and put on new roots and set blooms again for the following spring.

Irises don’t need a lot of mulch. If you plant them properly, divide them occasionally you will have displays of colour that are just show-stopping.