Climbers & Clematis


Climbers add an extra dimension to your planting and if you have a small garden this will mean you can fit more plants into a smaller space. Climbers are very versatile plants and if you buy climbing plants like clematis, you can have the pleasure of looking up into open flowers. This video gives you information about how to choose the right climbing plant for your garden.


If you don’t have a place for climbers in your garden, you could plant a container with climbing plants instead.


How To Plant Clematis

  • If you want to plant your clematis (or any other climber) at the base of the wall, place the plant approx. 40 – 50cm away from the wall and then angle it in.
  • Dig a deep hole in the ground, add a handful of compost and a good sprinkle of bonemeal.
  • Plant the clematis deeper than you normally would, so that the soil level is a couple of inches above the rootball.