Do You Need A Greenhouse?

Gardening Tips

A greenhouse may be a great gardening resource but why would you need one? This video gives a brief introduction to building a greenhouse. Learn about location, materials, size, and ventilation.


Do You Really Need A Greenhouse?

  • If you like to grow plants from seeds, you know that half the battle is getting plenty light to the seedlings so they grow fast, and strong. A greenhouse provides as much light as the sun does.
  • A greenhouse allows you to start more cuttings earlier and have better results.
  • A greenhouse allows you to overwinter tender plants, but the degree of success will depend on the plant and what the climate of your area is like. In colder climates, it is one way to overwinter prized plants such as rosemary, fig trees, gardenias, jasmine, and citrus.
  • You can buy some greenhouses that can be constructed with raised beds or set right on the soil. This allows you to start tomatoes and other produce weeks or months earlier.
  • If you like to plant spring-blooming bulbs in autumn for forcing into early bloom during winter, a greenhouse may be helpful, depending on your climate. Keep it at refrigerator-like temperatures (40°F to 55°F) for at least 12 weeks to let the bulbs sprout. Then bring them indoors, where they’ll grow and bloom.

What is involved in building a greenhouse?

Most greenhouses are sold as kits, and arrive packed in boxes. Then you have to put them together! Some greenhouse kits only take 4 – 5 hours to assemble, but it is more likely to turn out to be a weekend job for two people. You won’t need any special tools, but you will need basic handyman skills.

You will need a flat, solid and level ground space. Larger greenhouses require more site preparation since the ground area is larger and some plans call for cement or brick foundation work to be in place prior to assembly.

Some greenhouse manufacturers realize that ease of assembly is an important factor in choosing which greenhouse to buy and although assembly time is important, don’t let it be the major factor in choosing which greenhouse you are going to buy.

When people are buying a greenhouse they are often told – “Buy one size bigger than you planned.”
You invariably find ways to fill the space more than you expected. This is one reason so many greenhouse extension kits are on the market.