Easy Patio Ideas


Small gardens can easily be transformed into amazing spaces if you know a few of the tricks garden designers use. Whether it’s all the garden you have or just part of a larger garden, a patio full of colourful, well planted containers is a real asset.


Dressing up your deck or patio is easy, just add some flowers and foliage. Use annuals and perennials to add different textures and styles. Find out how to easily do a mini garden makeover, perfect for transforming small patios or dull garden areas. With the use of an outdoor mirror, a lick of fence paint and some newly planted containers this is a great video for garden inspiration!


Some Tips For Small Gardens & Patios

  • With a small garden, you need to take a little bit of extra care to make sure the shapes you create make the most of the available space in your garden. If you have a square shaped garden, one of the quickest ways to make it look larger is to use circular shapes. A circular lawn with a semicircle of patio cutting through it adds interest and leads the eye around the garden which will make it look larger than it really is.
  • In smaller gardens the open areas need to be a little bit larger. Any area of space, like a lawn or patio, will decrease in size as plants grow, which is why it is vital to give them less space at the outset to achieve the right balance.
  • Not allowing the whole garden to be seen in one go is a very effective way to make a garden look larger than it really is. If your garden is really tiny just having a border jut out in the right place creates a visual block that steers where and how you view the garden.
  • Make sure paving, tiles and decking are smaller sizes. Seeing a lot of one element tricks the eye into thinking the quantity means it’s a larger space. If you use really large paving slabs it will have the opposite effect and it will make your garden feel really tiny.