Favourite Perennials


With so many varieties and so many new plants coming on to the market each year, how can you narrow garden design down? The best advice for any gardener is to limit the number of perennial varieties you have to a reasonable number as selecting too many varieties may cause you to be overwhelmed with their care. Obviously this is a matter of personal taste, but today we are sharing some of our favourites along with some advice about how to care for them. 

These plants are simply amazing and there are more than 70 different species. Hydrangeas love partial sun and consistently moist soil. You can change the colour of the blooms by adding aluminum sulfate for blue and hydrated lime for pink!


The Hosta is probably the biggest staple in anyone’s garden.  Never fails, looks great, and can be divided with the greatest of ease.  The variety of foliage in unbelievable!  Get yourself a few and when it’s time to split them, trade with a friend or neighbour and expand your personal collection.


Peonies are stunning to look at, they can live for decades, and they require minimal care. This week video shares some tips for growing these beautiful blooms. If you cut the flower and just drop it in a drinking water glass, the double bloom is extremely fragrant.