Grow A Fragrant Garden

Gardening Tips
Fragrant Plants

Fragrant flowers are perfect additions to your yard or garden because they’re a treat for the eyes and the nose. Many flowering plants, especially white ones, release most of their fragrance in the evening. Be sure to plant flowers along your garden path or walkway as well as in your flower gardens so that guests are greeted by wonderful smelling, colourful blooms.


The “big three” of perfumed gardens are roses, lavender and jasmine. But if they are all in the same place in your garden, it could be a bit overwhelming, so spread them out all round the garden for a gentle transition from one easily recognisable scent to the next.

Some Suggestions

  • Flowering tobacco is a very easy annual flower to grow that also smells light and fresh.
  • Sweet peas are a nice-smelling garden classic flower that can climb on a wall.
  • Roses are tough and fragrant, as well.
  • Old-fashioned Petunias are sweet, beautiful and make another great addition to your flower beds.
  • Don’t forget the old-fashioned, clove-scented Pinks. A few plants in a tub or a well-drained raised bed are enough to add fragrance to your garden.

A patio is the perfect place to grow scented plants because it’s the one place in the garden you are sure to pause for long enough to really appreciate the perfume.

The fragrance will be all the more potent if the patio is positioned in a sunny and sheltered spot. The extra warmth will help release the scent molecules and the gentle air movements will allow even subtle fragrances time to build up.


butterfly on lavender