Grow A Successful Container

Gardening Tips

You can out put together a successful container quite easily. Choose the right combination of plants to give you a continuous succession of flowers all the way through the summer. You will need thrillers, fillers and spillers to make an impact!


Some Tips

  • Put some pieces of broken flower pots on the bottom just to stop the drainage hole from being blocked with compost.
  • Use a combination of peat free multi-purpose compost and John Innes number three which is soil based. Mixing the two together ensures that the pot won’t get too heavy or water logged.
  • Fill to about two or three inches from the rim to allow plenty of room for all the plants you’ll be adding.
  • You will need a thriller, fillers and spillers to make an impact

If you are wondering what sort of colour combinations you could use, take a look at this amazing container using lovely warm colours.