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Sweet Peas

Many people’s favourite hardy annual, these scented blooms make dwarf hedging or can climb up trellis and are super cut flowers. Sweet Peas are one of the best annual climbing plants for the garden and they can be grown in several different ways to get a superb display of flowers through the summer months. Traditionally sweet peas were sown in the autumn and planted out in early April, but spring sown plants can be planted out into May and will still flower well, albeit slightly later.
If you haven’t sown any seeds but would like to grow some sweet peas in your garden you could buy young plants from garden centres or a specialist grower at a garden show instead.

How To Sow And Grow Sweet Peas


How To Plant Sweet Peas

The Sweet Pea flower, or Lathyrus odoratus, is in the legume family, but otherwise is different from edible sweet peas. This video shows you how to plant and grow sweet peas from seed, and shows you what to do with Sweet Pea seedlings, including growing them up a wigwam.


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