Growing Petunias From Seed

Growing Seeds

Petunias will brighten up the bedding plant area of any garden. Petunias are summer, heat-loving plants, so if you plant them early in the garden the results you get will be disappointing. To get them to planting size, you need to start them indoors at least 10 weeks before it is time to plant them outside. This video shows you how and when to sow and grow Petunia flowers.


This video tells about how to keep Petunias bushy, full and blooming all summer long, it also shows you how to dead head properly.


Growing Tips

  • Fill the container with growing medium to within 1 inch of the top and then firm lightly.
  • Moisten the medium with a fine spray from a sprinkler.
  • The seeds of petunias are very small so sprinkle them gently on top of the soil, using only a small pinch of seeds.
  • Gently press the seeds into the germination medium with a pencil or a small block of wood. Petunia seeds require light for germination, so don’t bury them in the germination medium or cover them with additional soil.
  • After sowing, thoroughly moisten the medium with a sprinkler.
  • Place the container in a warm (75 to 80 degrees F) location in bright light. To maintain uniform moisture levels, place a piece of clear plastic food wrap or plastic dome over the container.
  • Do not set the covered container in direct sunlight. The high temperatures which may develop in direct sunlight may inhibit or prevent germination. Petunia seeds should germinate in 7 to 10 days.
  • Transplant the seedlings into plastic cell packs, peat pots, or other containers when the seedlings have 3 true leaves.
  • Finally, harden the seedlings outdoors for a few days before planting into the garden.