Heaven Scent

Fragrance In Your Garden

This month is usually a quiet time for working on flower beds and borders as most herbaceous plants are dormant at this time of year. So if you have been dreaming about a garden filled with fragrance as well as beauty, this is a great time of year to make plans. Plants vary considerably in the amount of fragrance they produce so you need to bear this in mind when deciding which plants to choose and where to plant them. You can grow flowers that will make your garden smell great! These fragrant flowers are perfect additions to your garden because they are a treat for the eyes and the nose. Many flowering plants, especially white ones, release most of their fragrance in the evening. Be sure to plant flowers along your walkway as well as in your flower gardens so that guests are greeted by wonderful-smelling, colourful blooms.


Often, plants described as ‘scented’ have a very slight odour that, although pleasant enough, is barely perceptible once planted in the garden. However, plants with an appealing delicate fragrance are worth giving a go if they produce a lot of blooms.

If you don’t want to change your entire garden, or if you don’t have room, a patio is the perfect spot to grow scented plants because it’s the one place in the garden you are sure to pause for long enough to really appreciate the perfume. The fragrance will be all the more potent if the patio is positioned in a sunny and sheltered spot. The extra warmth will help release the scent molecules and the gentle air movements will allow even subtle fragrances time to build up.

Flowering tobacco is a very easy annual flower to grow that also smells light and fresh. Sweet peas are a nice smelling garden classic flower that can climb on a wall. Roses are tough and fragrant, as well. Old fashioned Petunias are both sweet and beautiful and are a great addition to your flower beds.

This video shows you how easy it can be to add fragrant plants to your garden.