No Space For A Pond? Try A Container!

Water Garden

If you have no space for a pond or if you have small children, maybe you should consider a a small water feature in a container. This is the ideal place to grow miniature water lilies and other small aquatic plants. The larger the container, the more impressive the display, although it’s best to limit yourself to one or two well-chosen types of plant. Use too many and your pond will quickly become cluttered. This video shows you how to make a water garden in a container.


Learn the basics of creating an easy to maintain water garden in a container.


Aquatic plants ensure your container pond is pleasing and interesting.

These plants will do well in this confined environment – Include at least one flowering plant.

  • Pygmy water lilies
  • Hardy oxygenating plants (Canadian Pondweed & Hornwort are good examples).
  • Floating plants (water lettuce) and if you create a shallow section try some bog, or marginal rather tall accent plants (rushes, reeds, cat-tails).
  • Don’t forget to top up the water during warm weather.

    water-lilies 2