Self Seeding Plants

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Self Seeding Plants

Self-seeders produce a lot of seeds that get scattered about and eventually some seedlings are bound to come up. We may have to thin or move seedlings when there are too many competing for the same resources, but apart from that, all we have to do is wait and see what happens. The great thing is that no soil preparation is involved and no cultivation necessary, these plants do all the work for you!

Some Suggestions

  • Alchemilla mollis – Perennial lady’s mantle has furry, round leaves and produces lime-green flowers. It grows to around 45cm high.
  • Aquilegia vulgaris – This woodland dweller, also known as granny’s bonnets, likes to grow in a shady spot. It can grow to about 90cm high.
  • Eryngium – Popular with pollinators, this herbaceous perennial likes to bask in full sun. Give them ample space to shine.
  • Meconopsis cambrica – Happy in woodland conditions, the yellow or orange flowered Welsh poppies are annuals that don’t mind shade, making them perfect to weave under trees and taller shrubs.
  • Geranium pratense – A cottage garden favourite, the meadow cranesbill is a perennial that flowers in June and grows well in an open spot. Taller stems can grow to 90cm high.
  • Forget-me-nots – Forget-me-nots will pop up everywhere to create a frothy blue cloud, but are easy to pull out if you have too many.
  • Stipa tenuissima – Leave Stipa tenuissima to its own devices for abundant feathery panicles in summer.
  • Verbena bonariensis – Verbena sprinkles seed liberally in autumn, and produces airy stems from midsummer that won’t crowd or smother other plants.
  • If you don’t have a lot of time, then self seeding plants can help you out. In many locations, letting veggies and flowers self seed will reward you with a plethora of free plants.