Spring Bedding Plants

Spring Bedding

When spring arrives, gardeners will be tempted to visit local nurseries and garden centres looking for wonderful bedding plants that provide so much colour. It is important remember that at this time of year the winter weather has not finished and frosts can happen right through the month of March and even into April. So Spring is a tricky time for deciding which bedding plants to include in your landscape.

This is an older video but it does explain how the Spring can create problems for gardeners if they don’t make the proper selections at the nursery.


This short video shows you how simple to plant up a colourful spring container.


Container Suggestions

  • Start with the pot of your choice.
  • Choose a large upright plant for the centre, a mid-height layer around the central plant and finally something to trail over the edge of the pot, just to break up the outline.
  • You could choose Cupressus ‘Goldcrest’ for the centrepiece; this is a fairly slow growing conifer so it can be left in place when you re-do the pot with summer bedding. Once it outgrows the pot it can be planted either in the garden or an appropriately sized container on its own.
  • Make sure you keep the container watered, if the pot is outside you may think that it gets all the water it needs from the rain but if it’s under the eaves of the house it may not receive any rain.
  • To plant the container for summer you can keep the cost down by leaving the ‘Goldcrest’ and just remove the flowering plants and the bulbs.
  • If you add primroses and crocus they can be planted in the garden to give colour for next year.