Vertical Gardening Ideas

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You really don’t need a big yard or garden to have lovely flowers and plants. Vertical garden designs do not require much space; in fact, they can be made in various styles to suit your need. Vertical gardens are a great alternative if you do not have a lot of horizontal space, so if you want to cover an unattractive wall or you are looking for something different, give this a try!
If you’ve got a blank wall or bare fence, you can grow flowers or veggies and it doesn’t have to cost you the Earth! This video shows you how to transform an unsightly wall into a beautiful vertical garden.


Building a Vertical Pallet Garden

If you have an old pallet laying around here’s a way to get good use out of it’s framework and you have a beautiful decorative garden that is edible too! Pack the plants tight in the soil; the plants hold in the soil, but this works best to plant, let it root for a few weeks laying on it’s back, and then, tip upright. This is heavy, so plant it as close to its final resting place as possible.


WARNING: Do not use ‘chemically’ treated wood pallets for indoor furniture, children’s rooms, composting or for food growing; herbs, strawberries, etc… Use only ‘untreated’ or ‘heat’ treated pallets. Methyl Bromide (insecticide on wood shipping crates) was phased out as a fumitory chemical in 1995, but some of these pallets may still be around, so look for the symbol on crates. Most pallets in the USA have been heat-treated for foreign pests, the symbol is “IPPC“ and are safe. Pallets used in other countries may still contain insecticides. Check your own countries codes for pallet uses.