Wall Flowers, Primroses & Polyanthus

Wallflowers, Primroses & Polyanthus

If you are thinking about your autumn bedding plants and you want to be guaranteed wonderful scent, beautiful colours, and tall, straight stems then consider Wallflowers. They are wonderful plants for spring colour, pots, window boxes or borders. They can be bought in flower or grown from seed by the enthusiastic gardener. Growing Wallflowers from seed is easy and rewarding. Wallflowers are biennials and will flower in their second year from sowing.


It can often become confusing when faced with choosing between Polyanthus and Primrose plants.


Polyanthus is a common name for flowers that are part of the primula genus. They are known for being similar to Primroses, but unlike Primroses the flowers stand proud of the leaves of the plant. Polyanthus flowers come in a wide range of colours and shades. They are often admired for their bright multi coloured petals and ability to brighten up any garden.


Primroses also come from the Primula genus.
Primroses, like Polyanthus are closely related to the cowslip, but are also known to be linked to the oxlip too.
Primroses were originally known for their creamy yellow colouring, but now come in a fantastic range of colours.


How to Grow Primroses

Primrose, or primula, are plants that can grow in the shade, but require a great deal of moisture. Start primrose flowers in the spring by seed or by division.