Water In The Garden


Water brings a magical ‘fourth dimension’ to the garden. Reflections, sparkle, musical sounds – if you have a fountain – and the opportunity to attract wildlife and grow the types of plants that are only happy in a watery environment.


A water feature with no standing water makes a great alternative to a pond if you don’t have much room, you’ve little time for pond maintenance or there are young children around and a pond is impractical on safety grounds. A wall fountain, pebble pool or simply a large decorative jar of water, with a small pump inside rippling the water surface, have all the benefits of a water feature without all the hard work of maintaining a pond. With this type of feature, the same water is endlessly recycled using a pump (so it will need a power supply). As there isn’t a home for plants or animals, you can use water gardening chemicals to keep the water clear.

Some Tips

  • A pond takes a fair bit of construction and isn’t easy to alter once it’s in place, so think before you dig.
  • Choose a style that matches the area in your garden that you want to put it in. For example, a formal pond looks good in a formal area, but not in a wild corner, and vice versa.
  • Also, think about the maintenance a pond will need. A small pond with plants and fish needs nearly as much upkeep as a flowerbed of the same size.
  • Finally, don’t forget safety. If you have small children, instead of a pond, maybe you should consider a bog garden or a wall fountain which have no standing water. Even shallow water isn’t free from danger.

water garden