Weed Control

Weed Control

What is a weed? Basically, any plant in your garden that you didn’t put there and don’t want. You can deal with unwanted weeds in your flower or vegetable garden with organic weed control methods that are harmless and successful.


This video demonstrates some simple weeding techniques which can help you to rid your garden of weeds and stop them from removing vital nutrients from the soil. It also explains which methods work best for different types of weeds, as well as how to use mulches and weed barriers for future protection.


Remember that things that kill the bad plants will also kill the good ones, organic or not.

So be careful!

Weed control methods include:

  • Smothering your weeds
  • Planting ground cover
  • Weeding by hand
  • Applying organic weed control sprays
  • Burning the weeds
  • Applying mulch on your weeds
  • Eating them!


dandelion seeds


Annual weeds only live for a year, epehemeral weeds live for less than a year and these types of weeds are the easiest to control, as they are usually shallow rooted. However, they can scatter seed prolifically, so usually reappear and require further control.

Deep-rooted perennial weeds (which die down in the winter and re-grow each spring) will re-grow from their roots if the tops are removed or burned off. They can be difficult to dig out and may grow up through weed barriers in time.

Weeds can be controlled whenever they are troublesome, which is usually in the spring and summer months.

It is a good idea to put weed barriers in place in late winter or early spring, as they work better as a preventative than to deal with an existing problem.