Do you know what Microclimates are and how they will influence the plants you purchase? Weather factors that determine a region’s climate are the same factors that influence small areas like gardens. Understanding the microclimates in your garden can give you an advantage when it comes to choosing and growing plants.


Identifying microclimates can change the way you garden and make your harvests more successful than ever!


A gardening zone is a geographic area in which certain plants can grow, based on climatic conditions. Cold, heat, and rainfall define gardening zones.

  • Always look at plant tags and descriptions.
  • Trees, shrubs, and perennials typically have a gardening zone on their label.
  • Many plants sold as annuals have no zone on the tag because it’s assumed that they won’t survive your winter.

    Knowing your gardening zone is a good starting point, but to understand what plants will do well in your garden, you also need to know about the microclimate in your garden.