Growing Dahlias From Tubers


Dahlias are one of the best flowers for adding late summer colour to your garden. Dahlia plants are easy to grow, giving you late summer colour when many other plants are past their best. They are perfect for beds, borders, patio containers and cut flowers! However Dahlias are tender tubers and if you plant them out before the frosts are over, they may get frosted and die. This video shows you how to get your Dahlias started indoors.


If you pot them up in March or early April, in a generous (at least 2 – 3 litre pot) filled with multi-purpose potting compost, this will give you a head start on the growing season! Place them in a light, frost-free place and keep the compost moist. They will have formed bushy plants by the time the frosts have ended and will be in flower by the beginning of July.

This video shares some tips and tricks on how to make your plants carry on blooming, and how to prolong the vase life of your bouquet at home.