Magnolias are a wide and varied family of mainly deciduous trees and shrubs.

With fantastic fragrant flowers and aromatic leaves and bark that make a beautiful addition to any garden.

Magnolias have been around for a very long time.

Fossils of more than 80 species have been found, dating back to five million years. Today Magnolias grow wild in North and South America and East Asia.

Choose a site in your garden where your soil is free draining and dig in lots of compost or well rotted manure.

Magnolias do not like water logged soil. The perfect soil is a rich and deeply cultivated acid loam, but they will grow in most soils, even slightly alkaline ones.

They prefer a site in sun to partial shade. Some species may need protection from frost in certain areas.

Magnolias have fleshy roots and do not like root damage. Take care when planting and only buy pot grown plants. Once the plant is in the ground remember to not dig over the soil around the roots.

After Care
After Care





  • Once planted mulch over the root area with compost bark or cocoa shells.
  • Magnolias do not need regular pruning. Allow plants to grow naturally, prune out any dead or damaged shoots.
  • Feed twice a year with a liquid feed formulated for acid loving ericaceous plants. Once the buds start to appear feed with a potash based fertiliser.
  • Gently brush any snow off magnolias to prevent them snapping under the extra weight.