Need some colour in your garden?
Tulips are a great way to get some colour and you can plant them and now really worry about them too much.

The tulip is the most popular of the spring-flowering bulbs. It also offers the greatest variety in colour, shape, and form of any bulb.

Growing tulips:

  • Plant bulbs 5 to 8 inches deep (less for tiny species tulips) and 4 to 6 inches apart in a sunny, well-drained area.
  • Plant in autumn, then water well.
  • Divide bulbs every few years when flowering diminishes.
  • Tulips need a period of cool weather to bloom. For that reason, pre-cooled bulbs are available for winter planting in warmer zones. These should be treated as annuals and replaced yearly.

Propagating tulips:

  • By division.

Uses for tulips:

  • Cut flowers, forcing, beds, and borders.
  • Species tulips are ideal for naturalizing.