Cascading Begonias


Cascading Begonias make a highly impressive display of colour. They will produce an avalanche of enormous cascading blooms in a range of stunning colours from mid-summer right up until the first frosts come. Used in containers, hanging baskets and bedding schemes, begonias provide continuous colour throughout the summer until the first frosts. They are easy to care for and all grow well in partial shade. This video talks you through every detail of planting these terrific begonias for a truly beautiful hanging basket or window pot display you can create for yourself.



Common Problems

  • Tubers may rot in over-wet conditions; make sure compost is well drained and stand pots on pot feet to help prevent waterlogging.
  • Flower drop may be a sign of over-dry compost.
  • Tubers can rot in storage so check regularly.
  • Tuberous begonias may suffer from powdery mildew, fungal leaf spots, or occasionally phytophthora root rot.
  • Damping off may be a problem in young seedlings.
  • Foliage may scorch in hot sun.


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