Colourful Winter Flower Pots

Winter Colour

You may want to put some extra cheer into to your garden by creating colourful containers using plants that look their best as the temperatures drop. To create big impact in winter you need big pots, this is also practical, because during autumn or winter weather like gales and rain they won’t blow over.


Some Tips

  • Put some pieces of broken flower pots on the bottom just to stop the drainage hole from being blocked with compost.
  • Use a combination of peat free multi-purpose compost and John Innes number three which is soil based. Mixing the two together ensures that the pot won’t get too heavy or water logged.
  • Fill to about two or three inches from the rim to allow plenty of room for all the plants you’ll be adding.
  • Winter flowering Pansies create real impact.
  • Plant them as close together as you like, because they don’t grow much during the winter.