Different Types Of Christmas Tree

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With so many different varieties of Christmas trees available it can be difficult choosing the best one for you. Everybody has a different idea in their head about what that perfect Christmas tree looks like, but do you know what different varieties are available?
This video has some useful tips about the different types of Christmas Trees.


If you buy a small tree grown in a pot rather than a cut tree – just remember that they can grow very large! This video tells you how to maintain a real Christmas tree effectively, ensuring it looks great for the whole of the Christmas period.


  • Concolor Fir
    This is not a very common tree on Christmas tree farms. It holds it’s needles well, has strong branches and has a nice citrusy scent to it.
  • Canaan Fir
    This is a relative of the Fraser firs which are very popular in the United States. They are native to North Carolina and have nice strong branches, soft needles, hold their needles and have a very nice scent.
  • Blue Spruce
    Blue Spruce have a beautiful colour but tend to be prickly, so you have got to be careful when you decorate them, but they are a very nice looking tree.
  • Scotch Pine
    The Scotch Pine is still very popular, they have strong branches, nice needles and hold ornaments well.
  • White Pine
    The White Pine are beautiful trees with nice soft needles and a wonderful pine scent. At one time people used to think the branches were too soft, they did not hold ornaments, but nowadays these trees have branches that are stonger.
  • Douglas Fir
    This fir tree has a citrusy scent but this scent is a little different to the other types of trees. They are a  little bit lighter in colour with nice soft needles and hold ornaments well.