Garden Design

Garden Design

This is the time of year when you can start planning what you want to do with your garden next year. If you are thinking of redesigning your garden there are some great planning tips in these videos.


  • Plant selection should be one of the last things you consider, or you may be overwhelmed trying to create a design to accommodate the dozens (or hundreds or even thousands) of plants you crave.
  • Keep in mind what your garden will be used for and when.
  • If you are only in your house for the summer, planting spring bulbs and early bloomers wouldn’t be the wisest investment.
  • If you plan to entertain a lot and don’t want to spend all summer on maintenance, look for easy care plants that don’t require constant deadheading and staking to look good.
  • If you are planting for small children, choose plants that will bloom at their eye level, with interesting textures and scents and non-poisonous flowers and seeds.


Make a list of the plants you like and group them by colour, texture and form. You could also sort them by season of bloom and/or interest. Consider both flowers and foliage. There are more and more plants being bred with colourful foliage that will provide interest in the garden all season.