Grow Strawberries In Pots


If you are looking forward to Summer and Strawberries but don’t have a lot of growing space, why not try a strawberry pot? They can be fun and they are a great way to bring your strawberry harvest right to your doorstep. A good strawberry pot is an excellent way to grow food in vertical space. It’s especially useful if you only have a small growing space.


Some Tips For Choosing Strawberry Pots

Look For:

  • Big pockets make planting the pots a lot easier.
  • Lipped pockets have a slightly raised side that keeps soil in while the roots grow. Eventually the roots will develop and hold everything in.
  • Pockets that are staggered around the pot at different levels so that plants are equally distributed around the pot and not sharing space.
  • Bigger strawberry pots stay wet longer and provide more root space for plants. This is especially important if you’re trying to grow something edible.
  • You could use the smaller pots for drought tolerant succulents or some small thyme plants.

Tricks For Watering Your Strawberry Pot