Growing Japanese Maples

Japanese Maples

These stunning umbrella shaped shrubs are great for the garden and the patio due to their small, compact shape and graceful habit. They will look fantastic in a border, and also do very well in containers. An investment in one of these now will last you for many years to come without becoming unmanageable. The stunning, vivid foliage colours make a terrific addition to your garden from Spring to Autumn. This video shows you how to plant Japanese Maples, (commonly known as Acers) in pots for the patio.


Choosing a Japanese Maple

This video tells you more about the many different varieties of Japanese Maple to choose from!


How To Choose A Japanese Maple

Selecting the proper Japanese maple Tree for your garden or landscape depends on 5 factors: hardiness, location, mature size, leaf type and preferred leaf colour.

  1. Choose a variety that is rated to be cold hardy in your zone. If you are planting it in a pot or container above ground choose a variety that is at least two cold zones hardier than your zone.
  2. Location – Most Japanese Maples prefer morning sun and afternoon shade. Planting on the east side of a fence or building provides the best environment for Japanese Maples.
  3. Mature size – With a little pruning once or twice a year Japanese Maples are very easy to maintain a specific size. But if you prefer to not prune, you will want to choose a variety that will naturally only grow to the size that will work in the allotted space both height and width.
  4. Leaf type – One of the most important factors when considering which type to grow is sun exposure. The lace leaf types typically cannot tolerate as much direct sun and wind as palmatum types. Planting a lace leaf Japanese Maple in full sun is not advised and another selection should be considered.
  5. Leaf colour – Green leafed varieties can tolerate sunnier and hotter exposure than red leafed or variegated varieties. Green leafed varieties grow faster and larger. Variegated varieties prefer shady locations.