Growing Roses From Cuttings


Growing roses from cuttings can be the simplest way to start a rose garden. You simply select a stem, cut it off and stick it into a planting medium, either directly into the ground or into a pot. It could save you lots of money on the purchase of rose plants!


To make growing roses through cuttings successful, there are different methods you can use.

In Garden Soil

Take your cutting and stick it in the soil. This is the simplest method of growing roses from cuttings!

  • This works best in areas with mild climates and good soil.
  • Use sharp cutters to avoid crushing the fragile stem
  • Keep the cuttings moist at all times and expose them to good amounts of sunlight and air circulation.

In Mason Jars

This is similar to the garden soil method with one difference: You need clear quart-size glass jars to cover the rose cuttings. Or, you can always substitute 2-litre plastic bottles with their bottoms cut off.

  • Cut off a 6-inch long rose stem and remove the bottom leaves.
  • Stick the cut-off portion, which was cut at a 45-degree angle, into the soil approximately 2 inches deep and cover it with the glass jar or plastic bottle.
  • Regularly water the stem so that it never dries out.
  • You should see new growth in two months time.

In A Plastic Bag

You will need 2-inch plastic pots, potting soil and plastic bags. Be aware that this method for growing roses will need extra care, especially since the stem can rot inside the plastic bag when not properly attended to.

  • You fill the plastic pots with potting soil, stick the cut-off stem halfway through it and then place the pot into the bag.
  • If possible, place small sticks inside the zip-lock bag to keep it upright and, hence, protect the stems from rot.

No matter what method you use for growing roses from cuttings, the most important things are that you water the stems, provide them with good sunlight and air ventilation, and protect them against insects.