How To Grow On Plug Plants

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Plug Plants

Garden centres and nurseries will soon be packed with attractive bedding plants come April and May, and they are perfect to plant out for an almost instant show. However this convenience does come at a price and if you buy plug plants in spring, the growers have done the hard work. It is certainly cheaper to grow your own from seed, but you’ll need to be skilled at germinating seeds, not to mention having the space and time. This video gives you a step by step guide to looking after your plug plants when they arrive.


When your plug plants arrive, unpack them and stand them in water or mist them until the compost is moist. Before potting on, leave them to settle in a warm, well-lit room for up to 24 hours.

How much care plug plants need before being planted out varies by size:

  • Mini plugs are the first to arrive, from early March, and these need the most care and time to grow on in trays or pots.
  • Standard plugs come next and require potting and growing on for a month or so if you want filler plants for beds and containers.
  • Garden-ready plugs can be planted out if it’s warm enough, but can also be grown on for a few weeks in a large pot, for sturdier roots.

How to pinch out plant tips to encourage bushier growth in you bedding plants.