How To Make A Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreaths are used to beautify the outside of your home, generally on the entrance doorway, to give Christmas guests a festive greeting. To make a Christmas wreath you will need a wreath ring, florist wire and some vegetation.

Take a stroll in your garden (or the countryside) and take a bag and some scissors with you to get the vegetation to make a Christmas wreath.

Vegetation to consider:

Evergreens  –  Ivy and Laurel leaves are good. Some leaves are a silvery grey and these increase a frosty feeling to the wreath.

Conifers make an excellent base to the wreath.

Holly or other shrubs that bear berries will add colour to the wreath.

Dried seedpods such as poppies, teasels and pinecones, the seedpods can be spray painted silver or gold to add interest to the wreath.

If you do intend to use spray paint, do this in advance before you make the wreath to give the paint sufficient time to dry.


To make the wreath

Use a flat tabletop so that your work is steady. To attach parts of foliage to the wreath, cut them to length and wrap the wire close to the lower stem of the foliage and then twist the wire all around the wreath ring with another piece of wire.

Use the internal and outer rings as separate ’rounds’, filling the two rings tends to make a full plush wreath.

To add pine cones, wrap some wire around the bottom layer of the cone seeds, and twist the two wire stems firmly together, push the wire into the wreath and twist them at
the back of the wreath. You could also wire on Christmas baubles.

Keep the ‘feature’ or fancier parts until the end so that they sit on the top layer of the wreath so they can be seen.

When the wreath is completed hang it on your entrance door.