How To Make A Tipsy Pot

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Tipsy Pots

Limited garden space? No problem! Tipsy pots seem like a gravity-defying optical illusion and your friends and neighbours will want to know how you did it the first time they see your beautiful tipsy pot tower in your garden or on your deck. Learn how easy it is to put together these towers.


Tipsy pots are really easy to make and there are endless variations. Here are some more ideas.


How To Make A Tipsy Pot

  • A long metal rod is secured in the ground and the pots are threaded through the rod, with one sitting on the next. That’s it! Simple!
  • You could use traditional clay pots, or any other containers so long as they have holes in them large enough to thread the support post through. Many garden pots already have drainage holes in the bottom so they’re ready to use. You may need to cut or drill holes in other containers such as metal pots or galvanized watering cans.
  • Besides choosing the containers, you can also give tipsy pots a unique look with your plant selections. You could plant annual flowers, herbs, perennials, or even vegetables — any plant that grows well in a pot— varying colours, texture, shape, and size. When it comes to planting containers, it’s all about fill, thrill, and spill.



  • You will need a piece of rebar, or a strong wooden dowel long enough to fit through all the pots you want to stack for your planter, plus enough length to firmly hammer it into the ground.
  • Pots or Other Containers – Use any pots or outdoor-friendly containers with holes in the bottom. The hole doesn’t have to be in the middle of the container but needs to be wide enough to fit the rebar/dowel through.
  • Plants – Pick your favourite annuals, herbs, pot-friendly perennials, or even veggies – or a combination of all of these.

To Assemble

  • Hammer the rebar/dowel into the ground until firmly in place.
  • Thread each pot on the rebar, one at a time, adding soil and plants as you go.
  • Each pot will need a sturdy resting place. Add soil and stones to secure each pot in place, sitting on the pot below it.
  • As long as the structure is secure, you can build your plant tower as tall as you want.