How To Plant Coleus Seeds

Growing Seeds

The coleus plant doesn’t have a spectacular flower, but it is a plant that is known for its foliage. Coleus are a tender annual that are fairly expensive to buy in the garden centres. They are grown for their great looking leaves and can take partial shade and sun. They are more colourful when not in full sun, they grow fast and are easy to start. Create a spectacular display in your shade garden with the colourful leaves of Coleus.


This easy-growing annual makes a great houseplant, too.

How to plant Coleus seeds

  • The compost needs to be damp, not wet.
  • Just sow them ontop of the compost, do not cover the seeds in compost after planting.
  • Do not re-water them straight away.
  • Keep in a warm dry place, the seeds should germinate in 10 – 21 days.

Coleus Cuttings

Coleus cuttings are one of the easiest methods to expanding this plant around your garden or bring in for the winter months.

Cuttings readily root in water or you could use a hormone rooting powder.