How To Plant Dwarf Narcissi

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Dwarf Narcissi

Daffodils are typically synonymous with Spring time. They are a true British favourite and have been cultivated for hundreds of years for their bright and beautiful display of colour in the Spring. Dwarf Narcissi are the perfect choice for giving your garden a boost of colour in Spring. They naturalise extremely well and are perfect for rockeries or borders. Here we have some expert advice on where and how to plant your Dwarf Rockery and Patio Narcissi bulbs for the best effect.


You can maximize the amount of colour you get from a pot or container by planting in layers. This will give you a range of of colours and maximize the time of flowering by doing this. This video explains the easy process of creating months of flowering bulbs by making a bulb lasagne.




  • Use a frost proof pot or container with drainage hole in the bottom.
  • You can use ordinary multi-purpose compost.
  • Put broken pot over the top of the drainage hole to prevent it becoming blocked.

Your container can go straight out onto the patio, doorstep or your balcony and it will give you a succession of bulbs that will flower right through the spring.